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TTMT#6 Things were sewn!


6 thoughts on “TTMT#6 Things were sewn!

  1. Things were definitely sewn! There seem to be a plethora of baby quilts going on on this site lately! I love the bright colors for your little girl’s quilt. I’m not into pink for girls and blue for boys. I like bright for both!

    I hope your daughter feels better very soon!

    Next week could you show a closer view of your Pennsylvania Avenue quilt? It is really beautiful and I’d love to see it “up close and personal”.

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  2. Love you work as always you do good stuff. The baby quits look great I am sure they will be well received. I agree with Suzy a close up of your Pennsylvania quilt would be great xxx

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  3. You’ve been very busy this week. Monopoly is a fun theme for a quilt fest. The simple 9 patch is such a versatile block and so much fun to play with.

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  4. So much new stuff! I love the Pacific avenue that came out great. And the baby quilt is going to be amazing, I like your idea for the white sashing.
    The churn dash is a quick block that can really look totally different just with trying different fabrics. Good job on those, those look wonderful.

    Hope your daughter is doing well. Phebe recovered really quickly only to start feeling really ooky from the antibiotics after a few days. She’s much better now though and back onto mostly solid foods.

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  5. The baby quilt in progress is really pretty! It looks like a lot of fun for a kid.

    I love churn dashes! That might be one of my most favourite blocks in the world.

    The Pacific Ave piece is really lovely. You’re very talented!

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