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7-25-17 – More Baby PoD


9 thoughts on “7-25-17 – More Baby PoD

  1. Your blocks look great. And you know, that last PoD Jennifer did for Linus didn’t even have a background outside the bookcase, let alone legs. It was just the bookcase and contents of the bookcase and I think it worked really well for a small child’s quilt.

    Oh your star quilt looks fabulous! I love hanging quilts like that. I think I’m going to hang the xfiles that way.

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  2. I like the idea of being able to “switch out” wall quilts occasionally without worrying about the hanging mechanism. Already thinking about hanging a Christmas quilt.


  3. Love your mini pod and how excited you are for the baby, it’s such a blessing and the baby is also blessed to have you in his or hers life. Love the star quilt to xx

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  4. Love the baby quilt! Maybe I’ll add that to the list and put one away for future grandbabies. Also, I use the curtain rod to hang my smaller quilts in my bedroom and I do the same thing, change them out seasonally.

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  5. I like the yellow background for your baby PoD. I’ve seen many quilts that only have the bookcase and they look fine.

    I also like the way you hang and change out your wall hangings. I think I need to do a little online window shopping to see if I can find some curtain rods that I like.

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  6. The baby PoD really turned out great… love that yellow background! I don’t know if you got those new books included in the quilt top, but it’s really nice if you were able to include something special for your grandbaby’s mom! (If not, maybe you could incorporate the books into a label on the quilt back!)


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