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TTMT – The one with lots of black


9 thoughts on “TTMT – The one with lots of black

  1. I love your fabrics on PPV, that looks great. I also love how very different everyone’s quilts look using the same pattern
    You always seem to be working on a zillion projects at once. I don’t know how you keep them straight.


    1. It’s such a great pattern, I like moving around to projects but it does slow down the amount of finishes I have , the cross stitch’s take so long to complete that if I just worked on one I would get none done and they would sit on a draw unfinished . I do get annoyed with myself some times as I flick around so much.


  2. I love using a black background – it makes the colors pop! Your blocks are looking really good. Am I remembering correctly that the Henry VIII cross-stitch was very complex? I do not know how you get so much done with two youngsters. I am properly impressed.


    1. I like the black to , I just love the pattern it is so easy to do and the results are amazing. I am considering doing a Christmas quilt with the same pattern. Yeap the Henry the eighth pattern is really complicated. I started it last year but never really enjoyed stitching it, I am so close to getting Henry finished that I want to work on it until he is done and then swap to a different pattern. I tend to stitch while they are playing and running around, so this morning they are dooming some work in their work books at the table and I am sat with them stitching. I stops me from getting addicted to my kindle or watching you tube so makes me more accessible to them. X


  3. I like using black as a background fabric. Your blocks look great. The colors pop against the black but at the same time they all blend well together. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

    Hand stitching is perfect for sitting at the table while the kids do their work. When I read or watch YouTube I tend to get too absorbed and tune out what’s happening around me. I have a few cross stitch projects going because I tend to get bored easily working on just one project.


    1. Hi

      I love the black to and thanks.

      What are you cross stitching at the moment I might make a separate video for my cross stitch been thinking about it but not sure I have enough for a floss tube channel , would love to see what your working on x


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