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TTMT #431 – Outside! Inside! Finish!

In which I bounce back and forth from outside to inside! It took longer than usual to film because of the various locations (no regrets!) and I genuinely thought this was going to be a silly long video. Thankfully, that is not the case. 🙂

In this video:


12 thoughts on “TTMT #431 – Outside! Inside! Finish!

  1. That Goblin King quilt is beautiful! Love all the shades of purple. And the Lion King – fabulous. It has been my experience that quilters are THE most generous people!

    Looking forward to seeing the completed cosplay costume. Looking great so far.

    The pen – how nice is that!


    1. I love the purple and I LOVE that the quilt is done. I needed a finish just for me. ♥

      Quilters are the best. I can’t image my life without them!

      My hubster is pretty awesome. I’m super proud of him for making such a pretty pen! 🙂

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  2. Woo, yay for finished Labyrinth quilt!!! *throws confetti* It looks so amazing!
    And the Lion King is amazing too. That’s awesome that you’ll have exactly what you need. I’m positive he’ll love it.
    The vinyl worked really well. Did you cut it on your little cricut? Or did you get rid of the cricut, I can’t remember.

    Awesome pillow. Phebe’s got her zelda pillows but maybe she needs an extra toss pillow or two. We shall see.


    1. I’m thrilled with the Lion King blocks! The FiS community really came through. ♥

      The Goblin King had to be finished. I *needed* a finish just for me. Craft therapy…

      I gave the Cricut to my sister. She had borrowed it once or twice and gotten much more use out of it than I had. 😛 I cut the squares with my rotary cutter. The vinyl was a little slippery, so I taped it to the mat with masking tape. Worked great!

      G just wants the one pillow, and then I’ll be making one for his roommate, too. I started to use his initial, but there are way too many Es in my life!

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  3. I love the labyrinth quilt, it is totally on my list but I just want to do the embroidered blocks so need a different background to what I had. The pen is awesome, Lee made me a coffee table once but it kind of fell apart so not nearly as useful 😂

    The lion king quilt looks great and such a story for the person getting it to know how it came about, can’t help but love the community that
    you have built is amazing.



    1. I remember when you were working on your Labyrinth project some time ago and I was bursting to tell you that we were designing one for FiS. Great minds and all that!

      I love that the hubby is learning woodworking. He’s made some neat things so far, but this is the first one just for me. 🙂

      I’m hoping to quilt the Lion King quilt this weekend. I realized today that I have a week less than I thought I did to finish! My online quilty friends and community never cease to amaze!


  4. I love the Labyrinth quilt. The purples are calming.

    When my kids moved out earlier this year I told my daughter I would make some pillows for their couch to bring some color into the living room. She told me they didn’t need pillows because the couch they bought had a couple bolster pillows. I said okay but I’ll just make some for your brother then. Two days after I dropped off the pillows I get a text – they were given a second couch and could I please make pillows for that one too because she loves the pillows. lol She likes to lay against one and put the other under her knee.


  5. Your Goblin King quilt looks really great! And the cushion for your son. Good way to repurpose that shirt.

    The costume for your son looks really fantastic. It’s always funny going through videos backwards because I keep seeing more pieces but not in order 😀

    The pen looks really nice – your husband did a great job.


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