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TTMT #231 – jewells 68 – July 25, 2017 – Just a wee one


12 thoughts on “TTMT #231 – jewells 68 – July 25, 2017 – Just a wee one

  1. You are right – if you don’t feel it, it won’t turn out the way you wanted it. I hope your girl continues to experience little pain. From personal experience I can attest that the top ones are not as bad as the bottoms.

    Good idea for the boxers. They will make nice cool shorts for you.


  2. I am wearing the ones from the video as I type this:). My favorite summer pj shorts for years have been boxers. So lightweight.

    Still no pain meds so far. She really hates being fuzzy headed so she will probably end up skipping them altogether and stick to the ibuprofen. but yeah, this was way easier than last time.

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  3. I feel for your daughter, wisdom teeth suck, I had one removed while pregnant with Harry and the dentist just pulled it out , it was horrible . Hope she continues to be pain free and you enjoy a cosy day together x


    1. She seems to still be doing fine, thankfully. I had one pulled, too, if you can get completely knocked out have them cut them out it’s easier on your jaw for sure. I had one where the root was going up into my sinus. It was horrible.


  4. I actually managed about an hour today before stopping for lunch. Having some extra time away from work definitely helped me relax a little bit.

    Love my boxers. I was down to just one old ratty pair and a pair of old flannel pj pants I’d cut off at the knees, lol. I really needed some new ones.

    She so far is just sore, like she got punched in the mouth or something, rather than in actual quote unquote pain. She has her kidney stone from a couple of years ago to use as a frame of reference, so she hasn’t even wanted any narcotics. She’s taking her ibuprofen like clockwork, though.


  5. Love the boxer short idea! My daughter had her wisdom teeth yesterday and looks like a chipmunk today. She also doesn’t want to use the hard meds, managing with ibuprofen too.


    1. Did she get all 4 out? If so more power to her. We did the lowers a couple of years ago but the top ones just barely showed up. This surgery was easy peasy compared to the first one. That was horrible. Thankfully none were impacted. I hope you daughter heals quickly and gets the relief she needs from the ibuprofen. I’m glad we didn’t inherit my mom’s intolerance for the ibuprofen, it’s my go-to.

      The boxers are the perfect summer pj short. Thin, but not see-through. And you can get a pack of anywhere from 3 to 6 of them at a time. This one even had a bonus pair. I tend to not make clothing, especially when I can’t make it cheaper than I can buy it.


  6. Great idea with the boxers as jammies. I remember several years ago girls were wearing their boyfriend’s boxers out in public as shorts. I don’t think I would go that far but I might just pick up a pair for myself because I need some new cooler jammies.


    1. I would not wear them as real shorts. But they are perfect for pj shorts. Thin without being see-through. And you can get at least several pairs in a pkg for the price of one pair of pj shorts from the ladies department.


  7. It’s too bad quilting the PoD isn’t quite working for you, or wasn’t, I hope things are going more smoothly for you now?

    Looks like something bright and fun on the wall behind you!


    1. Last night was my first time working on it for about a week. I’ve just been so tired I haven’t stitched in the evenings and even much on the weekends. Not sleeping well during the week leads to multiple naps over the weekend instead of sewing. I still need to stitch with black thread on black books and items on the shelves, but I am doing better now and I’ve made quite a bit of progress, though I still have a ways to go. My new great nephew is likely to arrive before August is over and I haven’t even started his quilt yet. I don’t like starting another one when I haven’t finished this one, but I am trying to decide what to do for him, at least.


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