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TTMT #48


6 thoughts on “TTMT #48

  1. I love the idea of quilting someone’s project for them and think it’s wonderful that you offered and how your gonna make it personnel. Such a lovely thing to do for Suzy. Coffee toes kept making my chuckle and think of Rachel in friends, toes ! Hope the clean up goes ok, love your fabrics as well xxx


  2. I guess you could tell in my video that I was fighting back tears while trying to talk about your generous offer. And while I watched your video, I didn’t fight it. Tears are rolling down my cheeks! Echo stitching to emphasize the chocolate frog box – GENIUS! Thank you for the suggestion about talking about what I like/don’t like about the different blocks. I will do that. I really do want you to have free rein on the quilting. Just have fun with it – I am.

    I asked my cousin Teri if she would like to go to the quilt expo with me but that didn’t work out. I don’t feel comfortable driving that far alone. Looks like you made quite a haul. I especially love the kitty fabric – so cute! It’s a shame you and Wendy missed each other.


  3. I’m so sorry about your cappucino, that happened to me the evening I started piecing that rail fence quilt, I had fixed a lovely cocktail to go back and play with blocks and promptly knocked the whole thing over onto my sewing table. I got the machine out of harm’s way, but a lot of the blocks got soaked. I just rinsed them out to get rid of the vodka smell and let them air dry, which they did pretty quickly since it was so hot, but I haven’t mixed drinking and piecing again since then, lol.

    That’s really sweet of you to quilt the Baby PoD. I had a feeling when she mentioned it that it was you, because I remembered you enjoying quilting your own PoD so much. There’s no greater gift one quilter can give another than what you are doing. Jennifer has come to my rescue several times and it meant the world to me each and every time.

    I almost bought some of that same cat fabric the other day at HipStitch. It would be such a great back to a halloween quilt. There were several really awesome new halloween cat fabrics that day. Had to take off before I bought them all.


  4. I love the cat fabric. You picked up some nice notions too. Those brushes are great for cleaning inside the sewing machine. Mine came with the bristle brush but it doesn’t have the bottle brush on the other end. I’ll have to keep my eye out for that style.


  5. Oh no, not your cappuccino! I can only imagine how squishy that was!

    Thank you again for the wide fabric. I’m quilting this weekend!

    I love those little brushes. I’ve got one for every machine.

    It is so sweet of you to quilt Suzie’s baby PoD. I know it means a lot to her. ♥


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