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TTMT #230 – jewells68 – July 19, 2017 – A Pocketful of Perspiration

I’m late, and it’s short, but I’m here!

In which I am sweaty and have little to show, but at least it’s short!


14 thoughts on “TTMT #230 – jewells68 – July 19, 2017 – A Pocketful of Perspiration

  1. Ugh… we’ve been having something of a heatwave in my part of Alberta too and it’s so gross. I feel for you! You don’t look sweaty though, so no worries there!

    I don’t get the deal with pockets on women’s clothing. Everyone complains about no pockets, but somehow the industry hasn’t caught up and done anything about it! Good job for just making your own, though ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Before I filmed I kept going into the hallway to stand directly under the downdraft vent from our evaporative cooler that sits on the roof. As sono as I stepped away I could feel the beads of sweat forming. Blech. And the humidity makes the cooler not work so well. My kingdom for refrigerated air. We are thankfully not in the 100s anymore. That sucked. But 95 degrees F and 65% humidity sucks, too. I moved to the desert for a reason.

      Worse than no pockets is the fake pockets. OMG WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO TRICK ME??!!


    1. Exactly, what is the point of tricking me?! It would have been nice to find a black tee but none of them were and this was the least stained sleeve, lol. At least I like purple and it’s functional which is all I needed. I can stick my whole hand in there and not pop the stitches.


  2. Most excellent pocket idea – whether yours or Jennifers. I don’t understand why the fashion industry doesn’t get it! We need pockets. I also agree that any company that sells clothing with fake pockets is pure evil!!!! A pox on them!


    1. All I know is I can stick my whole hand in there without straining the seams. Much better than having to wear a fanny pack, especially since my fanny pack no longer fits around my body. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Fake Pockets are so stupid. No pockets is bad enough, but now you are trying to trick me? I bought a pair of pants with the pocket opening stitched closed, but looked inside and saw fabric for the pocket and bought them anyway thinking I would just open up the pocket. Turns out it was a single piece of fabric in the shape of a pocket, not an actual pocket. So pointless.

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  3. I love making my own clothes for just that reason, fake pockets and those tiny pockets that only fit a key inside are so frustrating. Love the idea with the t shirt. I have only just started to wear leggings, I didn’t think that they would look anything other then disgusting on my size , but I have started to run and they are great for exercise, plus I have hit that point in my life where I think screw it I don’t care what others think (most days anyway , it’s a work in progress) .

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    1. I have a really hard time following patterns to make clothes. They leave out steps and I screw it all up. But I do add/remove things from clothes all the time. One of the reasons I love buying my clothes from thrift shops. I’m recycling, and they are so cheap that I am not afraid to cut them up, lol.

      All anyone should think or say is “way to go you for exercising!” It’s hard when you have little ones, and then little ones plus work makes it almost impossible.


  4. I loved your comment about fake pockets! Looks like an easy fix. My pet peeve is now the collars on tshirts…why are they so tight? I’m going to try to make them v necks.


  5. Fake pockets and short pockets are so dumb. My daughter prefers to carry a wallet instead of a purse. Between her wallet, phone, and keys there’s no way she can wear women’s pants especially at work (restaurant manager). She buys all her pants in the men’s department because they have very deep pockets. The pants industry should know that phones are huge now so tiny little pockets are worthless.

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    1. This is why I sometimes buy men’s pants. If my daughter weren’t so curvy she would probably wear them also. So when I’m thrifting for clothes I always do the “phone pocket check” before even considering putting it in the cart. If I can’t easily put the phone in and out forget it.


    1. I need to choose a spot for my pin. Purse sounds good although I would hate to lose it. I lost my broom keychain that way

      I love my purple pocket. It’s the perfect size.

      Fake pockets are evil. Someone needs to start a revolution from within the garment industry


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