TTMT Video

TTMT 11th July 2017

The one where i get all fancy pants with editing, love to you all xx


6 thoughts on “TTMT 11th July 2017

  1. Your sewing room is so bright and sunny! Lovely. I love seeing the PoD hanging up behind you. Nice little pad with pockets; well done and very useful as well. And your Dr. Who quilt – WOW. Very nice.


  2. I love the Doctor who quilt, it’s very fun! I think that pose of 12 was one of the few promotional photos of him available at the time it was done, there wasn’t much to go on; but I’ve seen him do that in a photo since then.

    I did like Missy in the final episodes, I think she pretty much stole the show, but wish they could’ve gotten her back to the Doctor. The first part of the finale was ‘waaaaaay too dark and grim for me though.

    Enjoy your wonderfully lit sewing room!


  3. I had to stop watching because WHERE WAS YOUR SPOILER ALERT?! I haven’t watched this season yet, Phebe and I are waiting for when she has her wisdom teeth surgery later this month.


      1. A heads up before you actually start mentioning things from current season episodes would be great, or maybe “if you don’t want to be spoiled turn down your volume now and then back up when I hold up this quilt block”. We’ve watched the first couple of episodes but that’s it. Meanwhile your PoD looks great behind you!


  4. Yay for having your PoD on the wall. I am delighted!

    So, I have a story for you. A dear friend of mine told me that when her son moved out, he had trouble falling asleep and couldn’t figure out why. When he came home to visit, he fell right to sleep, no problem. His room was next to the sewing room and the sound of his mom sewing was what was missing and why he couldn’t sleep. 🙂

    I love that you’re finishing things up. Good timing on the Doctor Who quilt with all that’s going on now!

    I’ve been derailed and I haven’t finished anything that was on my list for the UFO event BUT I have finished things that weren’t, so I’m going to count them anyway. 😉

    You’re looking very organized in your new space! Eee, tea towel cameo.

    We ran into many families from the UK at the Wizarding World. ♥


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