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TTMT #47


5 thoughts on “TTMT #47

  1. You can wait and send your blocks and the backing fabric together in the same package, I don’t think she’s started piecing the top yet and she’s about to go on vacation so you’ve got plenty of time.

    I love how excited you are about making the baby stuff. It is fun making small things like the burp cloths and drool bibs, especially with all those cute fabrics.

    I think those panels will make great stadium blankets for you and your sister. Very fun!


  2. Love the panels for your football throws for your sister and you.

    The baby bib and burp pads are so cute. I have ordered some flannel to start making some of those. The mom wants bibs to be waterproof so I got some waterproof PUL fabrics to use on the back and will have some cute fabrics on the front. This making baby stuff is exciting!


  3. This is my favourite receiving blanket tutorial – it’s self-binding and they’re cute and SO fast to make. I always use flannel for at least one side, but I’ve used flannel or voile or double gauze for the other side… whatever is cheaper and cute and matches.

    Anyway, the burp clothes and the bit are pretty cute! There’s so much good fabric out there, isn’t there?


  4. I love that football panel! Awesome job on the burp cloth’s. we are Game of Thrones fans too it starts again soon yahoo!


  5. I love the backing fabric, it’s absolutely perfect, thank you thank you! The fact that it’s wide is even better!

    How exciting to have so many new babies to sew for! I love making bibs, too. So fun! A couple of years ago I made coordinating quilts for siblings. They were both made with the same fabrics, but I used two different patterns so they could be told apart.

    Have fun with all the gift sewing. I love all your plans!


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