TTMT Video

Check this out!


7 thoughts on “Check this out!

  1. YAY for the big reveals on the pillows and the block. The Stop Volde..mort block is so cute! Also YAY for having next week off. I hope you have lots of fun doing all the sewing. I’m going to have fun doing all the watching of the video about all the sewing.


  2. Oh, I don think that was your birthday swap fabric. I didn’t even realize that before!

    Yay, cushions! You did such a lovely job. 🙂

    So, so busy! Thank you for squeezing in a video with ALL THE THINGS going on! *glomps*


  3. Love the fabric choices on your Voldemort Stop sign. Yay!, for a week full of sewing. I’m not a big fan of basements either which works out very well for me since I live in Florida. No basements and mostly no useable attics.


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