TTMT Video

TTMT #46 forgot to upload.

Sorry my video was not put up sooner. I filmed and then forgot to upload.


7 thoughts on “TTMT #46 forgot to upload.

  1. I sneaked and watched it on YouTube!

    I understand about baby fever. I was told last week a couple I care a lot about is going to have a baby. Then they said I could make one baby quilt but that they didn’t want me going overboard. Well, I figure overboard is in the eye of the beholder. The mom is planning to use cloth diapers. She called a few days later and asked if I could make some cloth wipes. Well, I took that as permission to go a little overboard. I’ll be making wipes, bibs and burp pads in gender neutral fabrics since it will be a while before we know the sex.


  2. I love your big star. The only one I’ve made was made with 9.5″ squares to start, what size did you start with? They are going to love that quilt.

    WE are so glad you joined us. It’s been so wonderful to watch you develop your amazing quilting skills. Your quilts look so beautiful!

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  3. I see nothing wrong with baby fever. I’ve come across a few people over the years who’ve complained about baby fever but they’ve all been the type that refuse to use anything handmade. Some store bought items are lovely but most people compare handmade to Walmart items. There’s no comparison. I love making things for first time parents. They are usually overwhelmed and aren’t sure what they need. I make lots of burp cloths, bibs in different sizes, and of course a quilt.


  4. Your PPV looks great.. it’ll make a good masculine quilt for sure.

    Oh that border fabric on that baby quilt is so pretty. Not too cutesy, but not too serious or photo-realistic in that not very good way some fabrics can be. And the quilt itself is really lovely – that’ll be a great gift for your friend. You’re so fearless and creative with your quilting!


  5. I really do love how you put together your Star Trek quilt! It is inspired! The quilt label just makes me giggle. It’s so good!

    You are really moving on that baby quilt! I love the soft colors.

    I also love making baby stuff, too. After quilts, bibs are my favorites!

    I am sending you virtual hugs right now. BIG ONES. ♥


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