TTMT Video

TTMT #68 Majestic Lions, Pink Geometric Quilt and more.

In today’s video I share my latest finishes.

The finished block Broadway Lions. This block is a free pattern on Fandom in Stitches.


Mine went of in the post this morning and hopefully will reach her in about 2 weeks.


A picture of the pink geometric quilt


You can find this pattern on

Craftsy and Etsy


Have a happy crafty week.


Vanda Chittenden

Quilt In Piece

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4 thoughts on “TTMT #68 Majestic Lions, Pink Geometric Quilt and more.

  1. The pink & white quilt is lovely. I love the flanged binding!

    I don’t need your block until the end of July, so it will hopefully make it. I’m thinking I’ll make a cushion, too, before I make the quilts for Linus. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for making a signature block. I haven’t received many and I’m happy to have yours!

    I love my embroidery winder. It’s so handy!

    What a great little ruler!

    Gutterman is my go-to thread. My sewing machine loves and I love it. I like Aurifil, too, but only on my vintage machines. My newer machine doesn’t like it as much.

    I love seeing everyone’s different project boards. Isn’t great to look and see the projects in progress? I hope to start working on OUR project after July when my youngest goes back to uni. πŸ˜‰

    Non-standard layouts are my favorites, but they are a lot of extra work. I feel your pain!

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  2. I love that geometric quilt, it’s really a stunning pattern. ANd the flangedf binding is a great touch. I would love to hear a little more about how you do that all with the machine.

    Love your lion. I have a feeling there will be a large number of lions headed to Austin, lol. It will make a nice large quilt and maybe he’ll get a couple of throw pillows as well.

    I could not handle a project board with so many things on it, I would totally be stressing out. But I bet it feels great to move those items to the finished area doesn’t it?


  3. I’ve never seen a square wooden ruler like the centimeter one. It’s so thick. I love that the pink flange is showing through the white binding. I bet it gives it a nice subtle look.


  4. The pink and white quilt looks really nice! It’s a great looking pattern. I like the flanged binding too, and that show through pink works out pretty well! It looks totally intentional πŸ˜€


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