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I made a thing…again!

4 thoughts on “I made a thing…again!

  1. You are the best. THE BEST. I know you’ve been swamped this year and I really appreciate you. *glomps*

    Coincidentally, today’s UFO post on FiS is all about quilt backs. 🙂

    I love the idea of using your vintage fabric on the back. If you don’t have enough, I have some of the coordinates left and I would be THRILLED to share with you.

    I saw all your babies. They are wonderful, but woah, what a job you have! I wanted a Cabbage Patch when I was 10 or so, but they were outside of my family’s budget, so it didn’t happen. I still toy with the idea of rescuing one time to time when I see them in thrift stores. Maybe someday!


  2. I think using the vintage fabric on the back is a great idea. 4 yards should be plenty. I saw all those cabbage patch dolls, whoa. I think you have more dolls than I do fabric. 😉


  3. Your quilt top looks great! I’ve been really into grey backgrounds lately. They say grey is the new black lol. I was in high school when the original Cabbage Patch doll craze hit. I remember standing in line for hours with my stepmother hoping to get a couple dolls for my younger sisters. My sisters did not get them for Christmas that year. There were tears. I don’t think I have seen a porcelain Cabbage Patch doll but we didn’t have money back then either.


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