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9 thoughts on “TTMT 75

  1. You have more will power than I do. I would not have been able to limit myself in the quilt shop. Well, maybe I could if there were one that close to me. But since the nearest quilt shop to me is a good 15 or 20 miles, I tend to go less often but buy more while there.

    I am a Game of Thrones fan and am so glad the wait is almost over for the next season. Less than a month to go!


  2. Looking forward to seeing your finished top! Fun fabrics, too. The chicken feet will be perfect to go in the farm quilt. I read the GoT books, and Ken bought me season 1 on dvd and I watched it but had no interest in seeing any more. There were so many deviations from the plot it drove my nitpicking reader’s mind crazy. So I opted out of the tv show after season 1.


  3. Woo for being caught up with PPV! I’m doing my final top piecing today so I can share next week. I’m hoping it’s a week of PPV reveals! 🙂

    Sweet fabric finds and your walking distance quilt store. How fun is that?!


  4. OOH, i love that word fabric, really awesome.

    I am not much of a Games of Thrones fan, had to much nudity in for me.
    The fabric looks great though.

    You have more willpower than me going into a fabric store.
    I always walk out with something in my hands. So I am avoiding them at all cost at the moment.


  5. Love your fabric hauls and can’t wait to see your paper piecing vintage quilt,

    I tried with game of thrones but gave up in the first few episodes, like you I found the swearing a bit much and killing kids and sleeping with your brother was all a bit to much for me. Plus it leaps all over the place and I can’t keep up , cool fabric for hubby though x


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