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TTMT – Fantastic Beasts and politics


11 thoughts on “TTMT – Fantastic Beasts and politics

  1. Love your plans for your FB quilt. And congratulations on getting moved into your new home! Time to get those embroideries up on the wall. 🙂

    I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding the terrorism. The same thing happens in many of the press outlets here. If the terrorist is white and christian, he’s not called a terrorist. All they need to do is look up the definition to learn that the classification of terrorists is determined by motivation and agenda. Just so frustrating.I’m not going to talk about our “leader” because… we just don’t have that kind of time nor do I have the energy.


    1. It’s like American watched us mess up Brexit and went we can do better here hold our beer and watch this. Then we watched trump and the fall out and said no no we can do much better here hold our Pimms and watch this. Honestly it’s worse then children, the worst is that ours is so not over yet. Two major world powers lead by idiots and the rest of the world is laughing at us.

      I need to get things up this weekend and start making this place ours xx


  2. Oh, lovely Fantastic Beasts! They are quite magical, and obviously can be any color they like. I love your plan for finishing the quilt.

    Yay for Doctor Who! I’m so excited to see another DW finish.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the news. The whole world is a dreadful mess at the moment.

    *hugs* to you. I hope you enjoy the new house.


    1. Thank you I am hoping it will look good . I am pinching your quilt layout for a different quilt is that ok, will of course credit you on the labels, I just wanted an open book design for something that popped into my head and won’t go away.

      The world is a sucky place right now and explaining things to a five and seven year old is so hard. Bless everyone.

      Has your eldest decided what she’s going to do now she’s graduated, Nottingham is not oxford but we do have a spare bed if she’s travelling this way xx


  3. Your FB blocks are beautiful. And I like that the colors on one of them is not the norm; after all they are magical creatures! Looking forward to seeing your Dr. Who quilt.

    Your house is lovely and I hope you get everything “just so” very soon.

    My heart breaks for you and your fellow Brits. What is happening there and everywhere in this world is terrible. Much love to you.


    1. I am trying to remain positive about everything, one thing that is happening is that communities are coming together , but when I hear school mums talking about it like the van driver was only standing up for normal brits and how the guy should been awarded. I tell you I have to bite my lip and walk away, don’t they understand that this is exactly what the over side are saying to each other. Honestly people can be so stupid. I would give them a mouthful but my kids have just started the school and I don’t want to get into it already.

      Away enough about all that, thank you I love how bright this quilt is going to be xx


  4. Ohh.. that Antipodean dragon is gorgeous. Oh and the phoenix. Wow.
    Looking forward to seeing the clothing you’ve been working on!

    The world is sure in a difficult place these days, isn’t it?


    1. It sure is and trying to explain it to two small children is challenging .

      Will do a garment sewing update next week xx


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