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TTMT #67 Packages, UFO’s & Other peoples UFO’s

Hi everyone,

Today’s video contains mostly UFO’s and a work in progress of the Pink Geometric quilt. It is busy being quilted right now. And a tiny peak of my new extension table. More on that next week.

What I also wanted to say in my video, is that I wish I could meet all of you in person. It is definitely on my bucket list for the future.

Looking for the Geometric Quilt Pattern? Here is some links;





You can find more of my patterns at my blog Quilt In Piece.

Or if you would like to follow or would like to join our group of TTMT crafty members and show your own videos, you can join us here on TTMT.

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The pillow case was made by Jewels, a friend in the TTMT community, you can find her blog here and see what she is up to as well;

That’s all from me today. Have a happy crafty and sewing week.
See you all next week. I should have a finished quilt to show off then.


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11 thoughts on “TTMT #67 Packages, UFO’s & Other peoples UFO’s

  1. I don’t know if I’m commenting in the right place or not, but I thoroughly enjoyed your video. I can’t wait to see the pink geometric quilt finished.

    I totally understand about the difficulty of basting. I can’t floor baste any more. The last fairly large quilt I basted Tim and I went to the park and laid it out on one of the picnic tables. That was better but still by the time I had it done my back was hurting from bending. That’s one of the reasons I am sending all of my lap quilt and larger to a long-armer. This old body won’t tolerate the basting any longer. Sigh . . .

    So nice of your friend to give you all the goodies! You have the beginnings of some really cute baby/toddler quilts.


    1. I am thinking to just make up a bunch of baby quilts and then donate them. We don’t have babies left in the family.
      That actually sounds like a good idea. We have a couple of plastic outside tables that can stand next to each other. Just pick a sunny day and go for it.


  2. I am so glad you received your pillow cover! I need to make some of those for myself now with scrap fabric.

    I totally hear you on the basting. My hip and knee are getting worse with every year and it is difficult. Quilts I make for Linus generally get basted on my project room floor, which is wood. I spray baste them and with each quilt I seem to get a little faster. I think I am going to take my PoD to work to baste there.I just don’t have room anywhere else.

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  3. We have a big conference table at work as well, but my boss will ever allow me to do this at work. I might just pull some plastic outdoor table together outside and do it like that next time, or work out how to do it against the wall. I could do it against my 1 bedroom wall, but then have to move all the furniture out of the way. Sigh.


  4. What a big collection of stuff from your embroiderer! Hopefully you can find a way to use them or someone to pass them on to if you can’t. I wonder if those nursery rhyme ones were going to be in a soft book or something, rather than a quilt? That might explain why the heavy interfacing anyway!

    How nice of him to make you an extension table! I bet you’ll love working with it like that.

    Basting is so awful. I’ve seen some videos of people spray basting on a wall – you tape on the backing and then spray baste on the layers, but spray baste is so pricy (well, it is here, so I imagine it is in SA too!) and you need to have a lot of open wall space, so I’ve never tried it. I table baste on a small table and just shift everything around a million times to get it all done. (I hear some of my local long-armers will machine baste for a fee, so maybe I should try that out someday).

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    1. Spray bast is super expensive here, so I have been sticking with pins. I need to buy more safety pins as I got stuck with needles several times, while quilting the pink geo.

      The extension table has been a huge difference. Have only been sewing straight line for this one and cant wait to see how it fmq’s.


  5. Yay for lovely mail from Jewells!

    What a lovely collection of fabric to receive. I’m also a big believer in paying it forward. ♥

    I love the extension table! Today’s UFOQAL2017 was all about extension tables and drop-in sewing tables. I think we all need to make our own if we can. It helps so much!

    Have you seen the board basting video where they roll the quilt sandwich using pieces of wood? I haven’t tried it, but I know a couple of people who swear by it. Maybe next week’s UFO post I can do some research and share basting ideas. 🙂

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  6. Hi

    I love the fabric and haul you got ,its so nice when someone pays it forward. I am sure you can create a baby quilt out of the fabric you are a talented designer.

    I totally here you on the basting, my back always kills afterwards and spray baste is great but on a huge quilt I always feel like I need pins to.

    Hope this comment works its my first one on word press.

    Love the extension table to, oh for crafty dads , I totally miss mine even more when something like that is needed, he was a whizz at the sort of stuff.

    Have a good week

    Vicky xx

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    1. I have been mulling over a layout for the nursery rhymes, I was going to put it aside for next year. But sometimes a thing gets into your head and just wont leave until you do it.

      Love my dad, I worry about him all the time.


      1. I know what you mean sometimes ideas can’t be shifted, I have something I am working on at the moment that’s like that.

        Dads are awesome and we should hug them everyday, I have a great father in law and worry about him lots but nothing beats the relationship between and dad and his little girl xx


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