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I swear, I really am crafty…

Srsly, peeps, I’mma have to send a search party out for my crafty mojo…

(*huddles in a corner for now*)

5 thoughts on “I swear, I really am crafty…

  1. You can do it Amber! Be crafty! Capture that mojo! Good luck with the geneaology stuff. I’ve got back to back meetings (6 of them) on Monday and think I really need to call in sick because blech.


  2. Sounds like you have plenty going on to keep you busy! Craftiness will happen, you always seem to get a lot done one way or another. Nice new haircut, btw, it looks great!


  3. I agree with the folks who’ve commented above; your mojo will be back soon. Sometimes it just needs a vacation. You are really going great guns with the genealogy stuff. You need to tape one of your events and let us watch.

    Your hair looks great.


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