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TTMT #425 – June Busy June

Thank you all for your feedback and encouragement for our new website! I’ve made a list of your suggestions and will play with them this week to (hopefully!) improve our new website.

In this video:


14 thoughts on “TTMT #425 – June Busy June

  1. Oh my, what a gushing review of your birthday package! I had so much fun putting it together, I only wish I had time enough (and ideas enough!) for more handmade/crafty gifts, but I was bound and determined to at least finish that sock, even after the original prototype didn’t work out. The thread company put those bobbins in as packing material! I thought that was so great. I’m so glad that fit at least one of your machines. They look like they might fit my singer. I think I need to order more thread from them, that was a nice little bonus to receive. Who doesn’t need bobbins, right?

    Your labyrinth quilt is looking so amazing. I can’t wait to see it all together. I’m really thinking I need to get backing fabric and batting for my PoD this week so I can get it basted and started ditching all my bookcase seams. Maybe I’ll even start a Who themed quilt for my oldest brother to finish for him by next summer. My own PoD is finally going to take priority though this month.

    So excited for you to unveil the September project! That is going to be so amazing. I need to finish my PoD so I can start pulling fabrics for it. Everyone is going to love it!


    1. Of course it was a gushing review, I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY GOODIES! *glomps*

      I have about half of the last Labyrinth block stitched. SO CLOSE. I’m hoping to finish it today and find a little time to get the rest pieced tomorrow or Saturday.

      You’re going to get that PoD quilt done! With all the great quilting you’ve been learning, you’ll have it done before you know it. 🙂 Do you still have some of your Doctor Who SAL blocks? That could be a beginning…

      I’m working on the Monday post now. Every time I look at the September project, I love it MORE!


  2. That sock! What a great idea! And glow in the dark thread for the Halloween quilt, that’ll be amazing.

    I’m liking how that Labyrinth quilt is turning out – I couldn’t quite figure out how it was going to go together but it’s great.

    This site seems to be fine, so no point in carrying on with LJ. You can almost hear the crickets chirp over there, it’s pretty sad. Oh well, onwards and upwards!


    1. I am completely in love with my sock. I can use it for about an hour before the ice needs to be changed, which is fantastic. I have become a connoisseur of ice packs!

      I had the Labyrinth quilt all out of order with different sections all over the place until this last week. It makes much more sense in order!

      My nostalgia will make me miss LJ, but WordPress is working out so well for everyone, leaving it behind seems like the right move.


  3. That sock is pretty great… what a neat thing.

    My only unfinished fandom thing is my Doctor Who quilt… but I’ve got too many things on the go right now to fish it out and finish the things that need finishing. Soon 😀 I hope. I might need to wait till you run another of these fandom finish-alongs some day.


      1. I’m bad for starting and never finishing 😀 My Who quilt needs a lot of paper pieced letters and that’s what is holding me up… PPed letters take foooooooorever and it doesn’t feel like you’re getting anything done while you work on them. I dunno. If I could let go of the words idea, the quilt top could be done in about 30 minutes.


          1. Yea, that’d probably help. When I started it, I was trying out a different method and it was too frustrating and I kind of gave it up, but I think I’ll start all the letters over again and just PP them normally. (The other method was a freezer paper method. So frustrating!)


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