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TTMT #223 – jewells68 – May 30, 2017 – Concert Week Is Here!

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10 thoughts on “TTMT #223 – jewells68 – May 30, 2017 – Concert Week Is Here!

  1. You do have a busy week coming up! Sure am glad your co-worker is back and you don’t have that added stress. I like the beads and earrings (especially the earrings). Much better than a vest!!!

    Let me know how the quilting turns out. I may have to take that Craftsy class.


    1. The necklace isn’t my style but my goal was visible from the stage, and I adjusted the length accordingly so it’s right in the open area above the top button of the blouse so we should be good to go. If the earrings don’t turn my ears green I might wear them more than just this weekend, lol.

      I will definitely talk about this method after trying the whole thing. It’s really not much smaller than a baby quilt right now, so I’m still going to have some maneuvering to get the whole center part done. Once all I have left is the borders it should be fairly easy to quilt though because they are 6 inches wide so that’s all that will ever be in the machine at any given time at that point. Looking forward to going through the whole process so I can give a review.


  2. Concert week, woo! Any chance it will be livestreamed or posted online? I’d love to see/hear!

    The rosette looks fabulous and the turquoise jewelry is lovely. I’m sure they will pop perfectly. Stretchy elastic for the win!

    Woo for quilting along! You’ve been a busy girl.

    “The Horrible Vest,” a mystery by Agatha Christie… *gigglesnort*

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    1. TMI, but it’s also my placebo week for my hormone pills so I’m having sharp stabby pains in my uterus at the moment. So… funsies!

      I wish we had some tech savvy folks in the organization or some partners/spouses that could handle that stuff. They NEVER posted the video from the last concert I was in and that was 2 Januarys ago. We are making strides though. We have a younger member that took over the Facebook page and she’s not super active on Facebook but not afraid of it either, so she set up the events. It’s the first time we’ve had those to share. My coworker Grace is going to try to come and if she does she promised another coworker that has to be out of town that she would facebook live my solo at the very least. Doreen is planning to come but she doesn’t do Facebook. But yeah, we should be recording it and uploading it to youtube at the VERY least.


    1. I will definitely put a clip at the end of my next video if I can get some from someone. The rosette was super easy. I definitely would not want to make a large project out of yoyos though, that would get pretty tedious, lol. I love that tonal dot fabric. Joanne’s has gotten some better looking quilt fabric over the last year or so in their basic line.


    1. I think if the accent color stays the same next year I will either buy a man’s necktie or bowtie like some of the ladies did or order a scarf from the same person they ordered them from before. Or buy better jewelry, lol. The cheap findings I bought at Michaels turned me earring holes black and I think caused a serious reaction in my right ear. It’s only now starting to be not red and irritated.Some ladies wore the scarves as belts so I might do that. We shall see. I definitely like the look of it better than the old purple and black. Other ladies also just wore turquoise jewelry, so at least I wasn’t the only one using that for my accent.


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