Hey there…

Hi everyone,

No video this week as predicted in last weeks video. Haha!

I have a couple things to share and show, the show will be for next weeks video.

After weeks of planning for the Scout camp this past weekend, which was awesome by the way. My big plan was to hop to it with sewing and pattern writing from Monday again and get a couple of things knocked out lickity split. NOT!

I came back late Sunday, completely exhausted from keeping 40+ kids (7-11 years old kids) entertained for a weekend. Decided to go to bed early to start the new week fresh.

HA! What was I thinking.

I woke up Monday as sick as dog. Normally I would just visit the clinic get some medicine and be better. NO! Went to work, then to the doctor, then for blood tests and back to work. (How is it, that you are off for 1 day and suddenly you are behind an entire week??)

So it turns out, I have the Adeno Virus, the symptoms are the same as if you had the Flu. Untreated you will end up in hospital. Antibiotics and other medicines later, will see how I feel in a couple of days. Sewing and pattern writing is off the cards for a couple of days until I feel better.

So I thought I would go to bed early again Monday night and ended up awake for most of it, as my adult son got sick as well. Different symptoms of the same virus. He was up all night.

This is now week 4 of basically no sewing.

My major concern and stress out at the moment is: there are several projects needing urgent attention.

  1. Finishing off the last couple of patterns and layout for FBQAL2 – deadline
  2. Row Along pattern, need to make my row – deadline
  3. New for sale pattern to be tested, found some testers – promised the basic pattern today – not going to happen
  4. Commission – the lady gave the go ahead to make the pink geometric quilt – this one I am getting paid for!


  • the Pink quilt is the highest priority.
  • The row along deadline is August.
  • The FBQAL deadline is September.
  • But I also need to get some patterns sorted for selling.

Ok, I think I actually got that lined up in the order that my things need to happen.


And that’s that for me today.

Have a happy sewing, crafty and quilting week.





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