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TTMT: 23 May 2017


Oh hey – I still exist! In which I show an improv sewing machine cover-to-be and some quilt blocks.

The Antique Tile blocks are made using Trinket fabric (and some Basics) from Cotton + Steel. The red and white blocks are my three more of my Paper Piecing Vintage blocks.


8 thoughts on “TTMT: 23 May 2017

  1. Yay Kristel! So good to see and hear from you again. The antique tile is interesting as a pattern. I might have to try that sometime. I don’t have any jelly rolls lying around, but it would definitely be a good use for them.

    I actually LOVE the fabrics in your house block. I love the contrast of the bold red and white. The block with the cream definitely seems sort of muted compared to the house, but I like it.


    1. It’s probably not the best use of a jelly roll (you can only get 20 blocks out of one, and you still need a charm pack and/or other yardage), but it was nice not to have to cut a bunch of 2.5 inch strips!

      I feel like the dots are too busy… I felt like maybe it needed to be something a little more… I don’t know, like a pindot or something, maybe, or a fine stripe. Something a little closer to a solid, I suppose. Anyway, I’m sure not changing it! I still haven’t decided about the other block – I might wait till I have all 12 done and see how much it stands out.


  2. Welcome back! Always good to see you.

    I really like the house block and think the dots are just fine. I love those red and white blocks.

    The antique tile blocks will make a really beautiful quilt top.


    1. Thanks! I’ve been trying to film for a couple weeks now, but just haven’t managed it,.. which is just as well, since I had more to show after this weekend.

      Once I’ve got more of the red and white blocks done, I’ll have to figure out a way to show them all together so that you all can see how the cream ones look… if it stands out too way too much, I might have to suck it up and change them 😀 The house block I can definitely live with!


  3. It’s good to see you here!

    I know you think your improv quilt is hideous. While it’s not 100% my taste, the actual quilting is STUNNING. It absolutely makes the project.

    Lovely antique tile block! I can see why that would derail you.

    I love seeing your PPV blocks, even those you aren’t enjoying. I’ve remade the one I hated because I knew it would make me crazy if I put it in the quilt.


    1. I really like the quilting on that one too! I want to keep playing with that pattern for a while, see if I can work out all the kinks in it, so to speak. I wish the quilting showed up a little better, but that’s what you get with those mishmash blocks, I guess 😀

      I think I need to decide if that one block is going to annoy me enough to make me regret using it… I think I can help it blend in, but it might just been too muted compared to the more bold blocks that make up the rest of it.


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